Temperatures Sensor ADEV Vietnam, 6801-6-B-0-0-G Temperatures Sensor, ADEV Vietnam

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Temperatures Sensor ADEV Vietnam

Đại lý ADEV Vietnam, cảm biến oxy ADEV Vietnam

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Code: 6801-6-B-0-0-G Temperatures Sensor
The model 6801 is a process-heated zirconia probe able to measure the Oxygen concentration in combustion gas starting from 600°C up to very high temperatures (1250°C).
Main features:
• Sensor and TC assembly fitted inside the probe
• Inner tube in special Sintered Alumina
• Possibility to recondition the two platinum electrodes due to reduce
repairing costs
• Only a minimum reference air flow needed (instrument air)
• Reference and calibration inlets on the probe head: 1/8” F.
• Possibility to check the calibration directly in situ without removing the probe
Nominal Insertion Length 650 mm
Thermocouple Type B
Filter on Electrode Not used
Mounting 1″ NPT thread without flanged installation tube
Probe Configuration Version for safe area
Code: M701-2-2-002-0-0-0-0-1
Control unit
M701 control unit, configured as follows:
• Range: 0-10% O2
• Power supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz.

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