Thiết bị đo nhiệt độ Anritsu AP-400E, Đầu dò SE82329 , SE80472

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Thiết bị đo nhiệt độ Anritsu AP-400E, Đầu dò SE82329 , SE80472

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Thiết bị đo nhiệt độ AnritsuThiết bị đo nhiệt độ Anritsu

Mode AP-400 series thermometers have built-in printers for on-the-spot printing of measurement data.

Measurement Range:
E -200 to 800°C / K -200 to 1370°C

Manual print:
Manual print-out is available simply by pushing the PRINT key. Measured data with absolute time(Hours:Minutes:Seconds) can be printed.

Interval Print:
The SET key enables the operator to select a time mode from eight kinds of intervals

Number print:
The numbering print provides the sequential numbering and measured data.

Memory function:
The memory function makes it possible to batch print the measured data stored in the internal memory.(max.100 lines data)

No Code Brand
1 Model: AP-400E
_ AP-400 series doesn’t have a memory print type.
_ Power supply of AP-400 series is 4 AA alkaline dry cell batteries or AC adaptor.
_ AC adaptor is separately sold.
2 Model: SE80472
3 Model: SE82329
4 A-234E-02-1-TC1-ANP
(N-234E-02-1-TC1-ANP) Probe
5 Model: AP-450E

Thermo Printer ( Nhiệt Kế)

6 Model: A-233K-01-1-TC1-ANP

THERMOMETER PROBE for AP-450E (Đầu đo nhiệt độ)

7 Model: A-233E-01-1-TC1-ANP

THERMOMETER PROBE for AP-450E (Đầu đo nhiệt độ)

8 Model: AD-220-500-HR-R (for AC220V), Ac-Adaptor (Bộ Đổi Nguồn AC) ANRITSU /JAPAN
9 Model: ACAP4

THERMO PRINTER PAPER FOR AP450E, Note: Note: 5rolls = Set, Q’ty = Set (Giấy in đi theo máy)

10 Model: HD-1200E

Thiết bị đo nhiệt độ Anritsu

11 Model: A-174E-01-1-TC1-ASP ANRITSU /JAPAN

Thiết bị đo nhiệt độ Anritsu

Model A series probes are general-purpose temperature sensors designed to measure the temperatures of stationary surfaces.
Specific components may be combined to customize products for the needs of a customer’s specific application.

*1 The asterisk (*) is replaced by the number of the model name you selected. The model number after thermocouple type is omitted.
*2 The operating temperature limit is determined by the allowable temperature limit of the sensor head contacts the measurement target. Note that the operatingtemperature limit is not the same as the allowable temperature limits of the grip, cable, and plug.
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